my thoughts

have you ever wondered if you where to sneak up behind a girl and bite her bun. Like bite it off. Would the hair products kill you? I mean like some girls hair is more toxic than milely Cyruses bangerz album. Or Justin biebers singing carrier, which lowered the bar of socityy from low To the level which James Cameron cantt even reach. I mean like havingfat people fight in a cold giant deep Frier. Chucking old hamburgers at eacH others. I should stop

La class sucks more balls than than the numbe rof times kate winjslet has shown her breasts on TV. From the house on mango street Esperanza is a judgmental bitch 9 year old who gets laid. Cmon there is nothing left to say. Children like that back in my day would get a good slap on the behind. one stroke for everytime they rude or just fucked up.

Has any one ever wonder of all the possiblitilies that a midget could be used for?

-shooting out of a canon

-throwing like a dart

-locking in an oven

-making him be blindfolded and seeing how many people he kicks in the nuts

-jousting--- have two people carry a midget like a lance, while riding a wheel cahir pulled by two midgets, and jousting

-put one of a skate board with a fanny pack (huaman suitcase)

- and many more possibilties

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