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People harassing a poor hot dog with there slimy wet non-sassy hands. Why are these girls so cruel. (left to right. Suzanne caroline meghan.)

The hot dog is an American food that Obese americans eat. I is the sassiest food in swenden and ethiopia. But however this food is scarced to the sassy swedish blood-line the hegernapetilesus the founder of the hot dog is Mike Roch. Mishka tapatoh was the hot dogs co founder and was x-tremely jealos of Mike. Oringally the hot dog was eaten with chocolate, Grass hoppers, Garlic, Lemon, Milk, baking soda, Mice tongues, and Nitro glisarine for the taste. Sadly the obese greedy amercins ruined the hot and made it with pink slime and artifical wrapping not pig intenstine. K.F.C was the first nuclear processing barn to sell bugers and they will over throw Mcdonalds. So when you eat eat your hot dog remember this was not how it was went to be.

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